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What, me worry?

Posted in Reflections with tags , , on March 19, 2009 by joetheyouthpastor

I started my pre-mission trip devotional this morning, and God is awesome as usual. We had a somewhat stressful meeting last night. The devotion’s message this morning? ‘Stop sweating the human details, and focus on God.’ Awesome.

Another issue our team has run into – feeling inadequate. My favorite quote from the devotion this morning? ‘The Lord specializes in impossible missions with clueless disciples: a few fishermen, a tax guy, even a traitor in the bunch who was pilfering the funds. With them he changed the world.’ Again, God is awesome.

*God, use me as an empty vessel for this mission to Haiti. Fill me with all the love, compassion, grace, willingness, faith, patience, courage, words, attitudes, and skills that You need me to have in order to accomplish Your will.*



God is moving

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on March 15, 2009 by joetheyouthpastor

Man, today was one of those fantastic days where everything happened right. Start to finish, it was an awesome day at church. Worship practice was great, then SMS went extremely well (I thought the lesson was a ‘hit’ today), then the worship service was awesome.

Through it all, it was clear to me that God is blessing our ministry at our church. Me and the rest of the staff at our church, we pray and agonize and plan, and then pray some more about worship services, lesson series, etc., and we work hard to make it all happen excellently. But when God is all over what we’re doing, that’s when something special happens, and I think something special happened at church this morning.

Even though we always seek His presence, it’s awesome to be able to say with 100% certainty that God was in the house today, and God is moving at FCC.