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Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on March 12, 2009 by joetheyouthpastor

I have recently gained a new understanding of how our new ditigal world works. I have heard the term ‘blogosphere’ before, but never really gave a ton of thought to what it actually meant. Now I think I understand a little bit more.

Yesterday I went in search of some blogs to read on a regular basis. My purpose was several-fold… I wanted to find blogs that speak to student ministry concerns, blogs with scriptural teachings that I could read to increase my understanding, and blogs just to give me an idea what a blog is supposed to be like (this is actually the third blog I’ve kept, but I’ve never been what I would call ‘successful’ at it).

I ran across the blog of one Matt McGill, an incredibly thoughtful guy/Christian/youth-ministry-fount-of-knowledge who I have thoroughly enjoyed watching on the Simply Youth Ministry podcast. As I was reading his recent posts and the comments, I realized that the names of people who had commented were sometimes links – links to their own blogs and websites. It occurred to me that, when I comment on Matt’s blog, and I put the address for this blog in the ‘website’ field, people can link to this blog just as easily. Hence, the ‘blogosphere’. Yet again, digital technology connects us all.

I feel a new sense of responsibility to not just be silly with this blog. I’ m still going to do an American Idol recap each week, but I promise to try to have something meaningful on here at least occasionally.