‘Idol’ Finale

Okay, so I’m not sure it quite matched up to last year’s finale in terms of being an overall great show, but it was still a great American Idol Finale. They have finally seemed to master the art of giving us 2 hours worth of filler that we actually don’t mind watching. Here are the points worth talking about.

-Golden Idol for Outstanding Male 2009: Nick Mitchell, a.k.a. Norman Gentle. I said in one of my first posts on this blog, and I stand by my declaration, Nick Mitchell is my American Idol. No one in the history of American Idol has so completely committed to simply being entertaining.

-Queen Latifa and L’il Rounds were great together. L’il got shorted by the judges, but she’s got a lot of talent. And I think she’s got a career ahead of her.

-The Jason Mraz number was pretty cool until they brought in all the rest of the top 13. They should take a clue from how popular the duets were this year, and get rid of the big song and dance numbers.

-Megan Joy should never be allowed to dance in public again.

-Golden Idol for Best Attitude 2009: Katrina Darrell. You knew bikini girl would be making a comeback. I don’t think anybody actually liked this girl, but guys definitely liked looking at her. Regardless, you can’t argue that she’s got tons of confidence/guts to stand on tv in front of tens of millions in her bikini. She’ll get an offer from Playboy or something. Kara might, too.

-Does anybody else think Kris Allen’s dad kinda looks like Meatloaf?

-Message to Danny Gokey: No, it is not you we’re looking for. We made that very clear two weeks ago when we kicked you to the curb. And it felt like that medley was going to go ‘All Night Long’. Lionel Ritchie is still the man, though.

-Kiss rocks. Adam rocks. They’re both very theatrical. Match made in heaven, if you ask me. Pyrotechnics are cool, too.

-Watching Matt sing ‘Black Magic Woman’ was more than enough to make me glad he didn’t win. And pray that he doesn’t ever make an album. Uncomfortable…

-Steve Martin on a banjo.

-We Are the Champions was awesome. It was pretty clear that AI wanted to hand the title to Adam (or at least make us think they were). Queen is right up his alley. Honestly, can you think of another modernĀ front-man who could come close to Freddie Mercury in terms of vocal prowess?

-Kris wins! Both guys were awesome. They’re both going to have great careers. I’m glad that Kris won. It does a couple of things… 1) It shows that America liked Kris better, and 2) Adam will be freed up to do whatever he wants to do musically after the top 10 tour is over.

Great season. Best Idol season to date. I’ll be back with Idol recaps in January.



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