‘Idol’ Recap

Here are my thoughts about American Idol this week.


-The judges picks were pretty good this year. Definitely weird that Kara seemed to want to criticize the contestants for song choice, when they didn’t have any choice on the first one…

-I really did not like Adam’s version of ‘One’. Kris’ version of ‘Apologize’ was pretty blah. Surprisingly, Danny won round one.

-Adam was great in round two. Danny was predictable. Honestly, is there anybody out there who didn’t think Danny would do a power ballad/love song? Kris, however, won the mess out of the second round. His performance was his best, the best of the night, and I think it showed us pretty clearly what kind of artist he’ll be.


Didn’t watch the whole show because Lost was having its season finale, but here are some of my thoughts as I skimmed on the DVR.

-Katy Perry is weird.

-I like that they gave all three guys the results at the same time.

-No surprise that Adam is in the final.

-A little surprised that Danny got the boot. I thought his heartbreaking story and popularity he had enjoyed all season would be enough to carry him.

-Surprised that Danny left from a popularity standpoint… Musically, it was the right decision. Danny was boring. Kris against Adam will be the most interesting final in AI history.

-The only negative for Danny leaving is that it would have been pretty cool to have two worship leaders in the final. Oh well.

Next week should be exciting. And since I won’t have to worry about Lost, I’ll be able to watch the whole thing. Thanks for working that out, ABC and Fox.



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