‘Idol’ Recap

It’s getting down to the wire on American Idol. Exciting category for me this week. I grew up and learned to play guitar on hard rock, so this was my wheelhouse. It also looked going in like this week was going to be a snap to judge – Allison and Adam kinda have a run on the rock thing over Kris and Danny. There were some interesting surprises in store this week, both good and bad. Here’s the rundown.

AdamGood performance. Really good performance. Actually not as good as I was expecting, especially when I heard he was doing a Led Zepplin song. But mad props for being the first Idol contestant ever to tackle Robert Plant. Obviously, this week had Adam and Allison written all over it.

AllisonI liked Allison a whole lot early on. She had the young thing going for her. She had the cool thing going for her. She had the rock edge thing going on. The last few weeks have been misses for me. And this week was, too. I think she’s having an identity crisis as a singer. She’s doing this weird blend of rockish vocals mixed with popish mannerisms (picture Christina Aguilera’s hand gestures when she sings a long run). Plus tonight she went down the road that L’il was on the last few weeks before she got booted – getting mouthy and annoying with the judges. Note to all contestants: I don’t care how good you are, or think you are; even Paula has sold more records than you have.

KrisKris was out of his element tonight. It’s not that he can’t rock, it’s just that hard rock isn’t his thing. That being said, I was pretty impressed with his performance. The judges poo-pooed it some, but I thought he did the best job of the night in terms of playing sort of a bad hand. He definitely handled hard rock better than, say, Matt handled country.

DannyDanny gets the award for the night in terms of sheer guts. Everybody remembers Michael Johns getting booted early last year on ‘Dream On’. When I heard Danny was performing it, two things went through my head – 1) Wow, that’s gutsy; and 2) I don’t see this going well for Danny at all. I was right on both counts. I don’t think Danny is in any danger of going home. America loves him so much, I think he could hum for the next two weeks and still walk away the winner. Tonight was horrible. In every respect terrible. I hated it. Everything about it. He was trying too hard to be, well, hard. He was trying to snarl like Adam. He was trying to gruff up his voice more than usual, and it just sounded stupid. He was frequently off pitch on the melody. The ‘scream’ at the end was just that – an uncontrolled scream. As screechy as Stephen Tyler gets, he never loses control. Simon’s critique that it sounded like something from a horror movie was all-too-accurate. The judges kept saying stuff like, “I don’t know if it was the right song choice for you…” Here’s the easy answerL unless you’re Stephen Tyler, it’s the wrong song. Just ask Michael Johns. Oh, and if Danny really needs to listen to his performance to see if it was as bad as the judges said, he definitely doesn’t need to be the next American Idol.

The duets tonight were a nice surprise, and very interesting. I always hate the big song and dance numbers that the final 12 and onward do on results night, so I thought I would hate the duets, too. I actually like both the duets tonight. American Idol finally managed to creat filler that doesn’t feel like filler.

Good show tonight. If I had to guess, I’d say either Allison or Kris is going home. Simon was right in saying that Allison’s duet with Adam might have saved her tonight. We’ll see!



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