‘Idol’ Recap

Interesting week this week. Some really high highs, and some pretty low lows. The usual best performers were the best, and the usual worst were the worst. I just gotta say, even though she didn’t make my 3-Up this week, I love L’il Rounds. She’s not my favorite as a musical artist, but I want to see her go far in this competition just so that America can see what a stong nuclear family looks like week after week. Also, does anybody else just really want to see Adam Lambert tackle ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’ by the Darkness?


Danny – I’ve made no secret over the last few weeks that I’m getting tired of Danny, and I’m still no huge fan, but he was really good tonight. It was great to see him drop the cheesiness and pretense from last week and get back to what he does well. I’d still love to see him shine on something other than a power ballad, but to quote Randy, this week was ‘a thousand, million percent’ better than last week. And I don’t even like Rascal Flatts.

Scott – I think everybody likes this guy’s personality, and he’s got a cool story. Tonight’s performance was intimate and very solid. I definitely think he found his groove with the singer/songwriter/pianist mold, although if he wants to stay in that groove he’ll limit his song choices pretty severely. My biggest thing with Scott is just the facial expressions! I understand that because of his blindness he doesn’t squint when most others would, but it’s just a little off-putting to see. Maybe some sunglasses, a la Stevie or Ray Charles?

Kris – I liked the arrangement a lot. He took a song that I’ve always heard in sort of a Chicago blues style and turned the beginning and end into something haunting, ethereal, almost mournful. A girl I know said it was sexy. The middle section didn’t do as much for me, but I suppose it had to be done. Kris is improving every week, and that’s cool to see.


Megan – Time to go home. Not only is her vocal ability starting to resemble Sanjayah just a little too much, but her arrogance is really beginning to annoy. This week she defended a terrible performance (the judges were spot on in their criticism, despite being a bit mean-spirited towards her) by saying, “I enjoyed it, and I think my fans did, too.” If by ‘fans’ she meant ‘my family’, she may be right.

Allison – Wow. I love this girl’s voice, but tonight was a huge mess. As a music-phile and guitarist, I cringed at her clumsy attempt at playing her own instrument tonight. (Paula called it her ‘Axe’, apparently not realizing that you can’t truly call it an axe unless it’s plugged in through an overdriven amp). Tempo and rhythm are huge issues in music, and she had neither. The judges seemed preoccupied with her outfit and hair, and I can’t say I blame them. Neither was good. Plus the vocal was far from her best.

Matt – The “Top 40 Piano Player” in him came out tonight. His vocal tone sounded like a mediocre karaoke version of the Fray’s Isaac Slade. The musical arrangement wasn’t great, either. The judges were right on. Wrong song choice.

That’s that. No Idol recap from me next week, as I’ll be on a mission trip in Haiti. I look forward to some discussion about this week, as I think my opinions might not be shared by all.



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