Here are some thoughts/reflections from a discussion with some middle schoolers that I was a part of last week on worship.

Worship – ‘The declaration of what you value most’ (this from another youth pastor)

                     – ‘Worship is everything you’re about’ (from a student)

                     – ‘Worship is more than just singing songs’ (from a student)

My favorite definition of what worship is comes from a message that I heard Louie Giglio deliver several years ago (summer of ’03, I believe). He said, ‘Worship is what you see when you see me.’ What he meant was that we ‘clothe ourselves in’ whatever we worship. When people see us, do they see a sports addict, a doting parent, a media-monger, a driven worker, etc.? Obviously as Christians we are called to clothe ourselves with Christ (Rom. 13:14). People should see Jesus when they see us.

The discussion turned, at one point, to something that really convicted me – the things we substitute and fool ourselves with in our worship of God. As a worship leader, it is exceedingly easy for me to fall into the trap of worshipping the ‘kumbaya’ feeling of a body of people moving together instead of directing my worship towards God. Worship leaders love it when people engage, when they sing loud, clap strong (and preferebly on-beat), when they are expressive. It’s all too easy to make that kind of worship environment the end instead of making it what it is – the means to achieve an end. And the proper end? Being in and experiencing the presence of God in a meaningful way.

How’s your worship?


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