‘Idol’ Recap

Tired tonight… Here’s a quick 3-up, 3-down…

3 – UP

L’il – If she had mimicked the physical mannerisms of the early Motown ladies a little more, I might have sworn that she was straight out of the early ’60s. She looked amazing. A little shouty towards the end, but otherwise great.

Adam – The look was cool. The arrangement was laid-back and awesome. The vocal was tender and heartfelt – almost made Smokey Robinson cry. Best of the night.

Allison – She can rock, she can pop, and tonight we found out that she can soul. If she can avoid getting roped in by the Disney Channel, she’ll be a superstar for a long long time. I think she passed L’il as the female front-runner tonight.

3 – DOWN

Meghan – I agree with Simon that she might be in trouble after tonight. If she’s not, she definitely should be. The worst of the night.

Michael – He apparently interpreted Smokey Robinson’s advice to ‘pound it a little more’ to mean ‘over-accent all your consonants directly into the mike so that it makes a popping noise’. Should have asked for clarification… Plus, the ending stunk. Bad.

Danny – The cheese factor is mounting… He sounded okay tonight, but he’s in the 3-Down for one reason: You can’t listen to advice from Smokey Robinson, say you’ll take the advice in the rehearsal, and then perform it without taking the advice.


Peace. I’m going to bed.


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