‘Idol’ Recap

I’ve got to say… There are few weeks of American Idol that I hate worse than ‘Grand Ole Opry week’. I just don’t like country music. And the only thing worse than country music to me is hearing a bunch of people who may or may not fit as country artists trying to perform country music. Here’s a new feature of my weekly Idol recap – 3 – Up, 3 – Down (an omage to my love of baseball).

3 – Up (High Points)

Matt Giraud – I have not been a fan of Matt so far. I was impressed tonight. As he started to perform, I turned to my wife and said, “I’m ready for Matt to go.” When he finished I turned to her and said, “That was really good.”

– Anoop Desai – He blew it out of the water this week. Plus, I have an affinity for anyone who’s eyebrows are as bushy as mine.

– Megan Joy – I’m still not sold on how she pronounces some of her words when she sings. But did anyone else watch her tonight and feel like you were watching a scene from a 50’s movie? The male judges criticized her wardrobe and hair tonight, but she looked amazing.

Low Points

– Danny Gokey – This is going to make me unpopular… I’m just getting tired of Danny. His voice is awesome, but I feel like he does the exact same song every week. I know that’s what the world of pop music wants, but it’s not what I want.

– Michael Sarver – Everybody likes this guy’s personality, and most people seem to like his voice. Tonight was a bust for him. First of all, Simon was absolutely right that you couldn’t understand the words very well. And the lame excuse of, “Well, country people understood it,” just doesn’t fly for me. But it’s even worse than that for Michael. He seemed so comfortable tonight compared to previous weeks that it’s obvious what kind of artist he’ll be if he makes records. I know country music is popular, but I don’t think there’s any way that a majority of 30 million voters will vote for a specifically country artist. (Please note, I said ‘specifically’ country, i.e. someone who’s not that good at anything else.)

-Kris Allen’s facial expressions – He’s somewhere in between David Archuletta and John Mayer. Seriously, dude, there are two sides to your mouth… You’re allowed to use them both.

-Paula Abdul’s verbal abilities – She is the poster-child for throwing together a bunch of random sentence fragments and mispronounced words and calling it a coherent thought. Seriously, Paula, you can take a public speaking course at any community college in the world. (I know this was 4 – Down, but it’s my blog and I’ll say what I want to.)

If I had to guess (and I don’t, but I will), I’d say that Kris is done this week. He is the smallest personality left in the contest by a country mile (get it?), and his performance wasn’t anything spectacular tonight. Tomorrow night I’m looking forward to seeing the Randy Travis/Carrie Underwood duet and seeing who gets eliminated. Most of all, I’m looking forward to the end of country week.

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