the blogosphere

I have recently gained a new understanding of how our new ditigal world works. I have heard the term ‘blogosphere’ before, but never really gave a ton of thought to what it actually meant. Now I think I understand a little bit more.

Yesterday I went in search of some blogs to read on a regular basis. My purpose was several-fold… I wanted to find blogs that speak to student ministry concerns, blogs with scriptural teachings that I could read to increase my understanding, and blogs just to give me an idea what a blog is supposed to be like (this is actually the third blog I’ve kept, but I’ve never been what I would call ‘successful’ at it).

I ran across the blog of one Matt McGill, an incredibly thoughtful guy/Christian/youth-ministry-fount-of-knowledge who I have thoroughly enjoyed watching on the Simply Youth Ministry podcast. As I was reading his recent posts and the comments, I realized that the names of people who had commented were sometimes links – links to their own blogs and websites. It occurred to me that, when I comment on Matt’s blog, and I put the address for this blog in the ‘website’ field, people can link to this blog just as easily. Hence, the ‘blogosphere’. Yet again, digital technology connects us all.

I feel a new sense of responsibility to not just be silly with this blog. I’ m still going to do an American Idol recap each week, but I promise to try to have something meaningful on here at least occasionally.



One Response to “the blogosphere”

  1. Hi there –
    I like your blog, and this is a good post. I originally got into blogging to promote my book, and so every time I made a comment I would write my name, author of.., and my website. Then I discovered that it links to my blog anyway. So if people care to find out more they can, and if not I’m not wasting my energy.
    Welcome to the blogging world!

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