‘Idol’ Recap

Just finished watching American Idol this week… It was a good week. In years past, I remember the first week of the final 12 or so having some really strong performances and one or two really weak ones. There weren’t really any performances this week that were so far beneath the others that it’s obvious who will be going home. One or two definitely stood out, though.

Now that I’m through mourning the loss of Nick Mitchell (a.k.a. ‘Norman Gentle’), I’m throwing my Idol support firmly behind the contestant who has the best and (by a clear mile) most unique/interesting voice left in the competition. Not Danny – he’s just another great male pop voice. Not L’il – she’s a powerhouse and will probably go very far in the competition this year. Not Meghan – the smoky jazz sound is cool, but we’ve heard it before. No, I’m talking about the monster voice of one Adam Lambert.

The guy is inredible. He’s hitting notes in his chest-voice that haven’t been hit since the death of hair-metal. And he sounds better than most of those guys did hitting those notes. On top of that, he has shown (at least he’s shown me) an early ability to pull off cool and different arrangements of classic songs, a la last year’s Idol, David Cook. I hope America feels like I do about Adam Lambert’s talent, because I’d like to see him grow and develop for another 12 weeks.


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