Nick Mitchell is my American Idol

Nick Mitchell a.k.a. 'Norman Gentle'

Nick Mitchell a.k.a. 'Norman Gentle'

I want to say this as categorically, unambiguously, and emphatically as I possibly can – Nick Mitchell is my American Idol.

I do not care in the least how the voting goes. Nick Mitchell is my American Idol. I cannot imagine the guts that it must take to stand on that stage and sing, knowing full well that more than 30 million Americans will see your performance live. Add to that the fact that Nick stood on the American Idol stage this week and sang an original composition, and I’m just about sold on guts alone.

But what I really dig about Nick Mitchell is that his primary concern is not dominating the competition. It’s not proving himself to be the best singer. It’s not about validating his gigantic ego. It’s not showing America how cool he is (witness the picture).

It seems like Nick Mitchell is that rare individual who is in the national spotlight and is actually not consumed with glorifying himself. It genuinely seems like all Nick really wants to do is entertain people, and for that, he is my American Idol. Period.



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